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mal muske - 17

Mitzi :: 12.06.2017 ob 20:51
Mitzi :: 12.06.2017 ob 20:52
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FriLLox :: 12.06.2017 ob 20:54
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Yara :: 12.06.2017 ob 22:25
FriLLox :: 13.06.2017 ob 8:48

Dojenček :: 13.06.2017 ob 9:05
Kolk so ti človeki kulistični
FriLLox :: 13.06.2017 ob 9:08
Oj Dojenček, ja res dobre viže znajo urezati
Dojenček :: 13.06.2017 ob 10:07
Naši nekdanji bratje tudi....

priredba Krug-a od EKV
FriLLox :: 13.06.2017 ob 12:42
FriLLox :: 13.06.2017 ob 12:48
"Če ne morem plesati, to ni moja revolucija!" ~ Emma Goldman

FriLLox :: 13.06.2017 ob 12:57
Ta zadeva pa mi je ena izmed ljubših muzičističnih poslastic.

~Last Surviving Crocodile~

If I were a rich man
I I were a wealthy man
I wouldn't have to work hard
I'd just sit there on the second tier and stare
and stare and stare and glare down
As the tears fall down

And I'd blame it on the working class
I'd blame it on the welfare class
I'd blame it on minorities
The immigrant, the feminist, Environmentalists
The communist, the anarchist
while I blame it on the prostitutes, the panhandlers and drug addicts
All activists are terrorists
And the gays are trying to recruit my kids
And I'd stare and stare and glare
As the tears fall down
If I wee a rich man
If I were a wealthy man
I'd bathe in my own feces
Rather than take time to bury
But I'd bury my own species
Cracks, cracking, cracking
Just like before
Twenty five, two hundred twelve
Tow thousand years before
And we all want more
We tried before
But now we just stare through the cracks in their doors
Now we just fall through the cracks in the floor
And we're sick and tired of begging for more
Cowardice pours yellow like iodine - stinging
And I can't believe all the things that I've seen
but what will be left in the springtime?
And I wouldn't shed the tear
Of the last surviving crocodile
As the funeral procession wound it's way down
Quickly - commuter speed
Light rail and automobiles
Agenda Anuit Coeptis
I chant in Latin tongues
And they cannot exorcise
my consummation of consummation
They drink my wine and are frozen
Convinced that it's my blood
And they laugh and laugh and laugh
As the tears fall down
And they stare and stare and glare
As the tiers fall


isn´t it ironic?
the opiate flies at light speed
it mainlines through brainlines plugged in three-prong DC
you take away our hours
in return you give us scrip
but without you we don´t know how to ex(spend) it

isn´t it ironic
the opiate flies at light speed
religion, contagion - superficial trend
learn to face interrogation if you´re not up with light speed
narcotic intrascim is hate´s seed and sleep speed

isn´t it ironic?
the opiate flies at light speed
psychotic, narcotic ideology

like adrenalin through the mandman
like garbage through the trashcan
like carbon in the pop can
like a flame to gasoline

like power through the three-suit
like anger through the grassroot
like bargraphs through the boardroom
like fuel through this machine

like lies through politicians
like a martyr to the christians
like anger to rebellions
like hatred to the police

like the opiate to dependence
like new reported deadpan
syringes to the dead
like hatred to the policemen
like hatred to the policemen
like hatred to the klansman
like hatred to the sports fan
like hatred to the soldier
like hatred to the worker
like hatred to the bosses
like hatred from the crosses
like hatred to the teacher
like hatred to the preacher
like hatred to the writer
like hatred breeding fighters
the opiate flies at light speed

FriLLox :: 13.06.2017 ob 13:27
Še ta, apokaliptična klasika, Amebix v živo na Novem rocku.

Yara :: 13.06.2017 ob 23:09
Sunbeam :: 13.06.2017 ob 23:41
FriLLox :: 14.06.2017 ob 13:55
FriLLox :: 14.06.2017 ob 14:59
Opa! Frišni Brutus!

FriLLox :: 15.06.2017 ob 7:19
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