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After A Woman Was Taken To The Hospital With Hypoglycemia (Low Bloodsugar), Two Policemen Stayed Behind To Prepare Dinner For The Five Kids Who Were Still In The House. Afterwards, They Also Did The Dishes

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Herman Gordon, A Cleaner At Bristol Uni, Was Brought To Tears By Kind Students Who Raised Money For Him To Go To Jamaica To See His Family

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Egyptian Fan Lifted By Mexican And Colombian Fans So He Could See His Team Play

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“If I Had A Super Power, It Would Be To Fly. I Would Tell Other Children From Around The World To Come And Play With Me And My Sisters, And To Drink Tea Together!” – Mohamad, A Syrian Refugee In Lebanon

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James Harrison Who Has Saved 2.4 Million Babies By Donating Blood Every Week For 60 Years Making His Last Donation. He Had Rare Antibody In His Blood That Helps Protect Babies From Rhesus Disease

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This is Captain Black. He works at the live bait shop. I was watching him shoo away all the hungry pelicans, frustrated. “Damn birds, get out of here.” finally they dispersed. Then I hear him call out to someone named Albert. “Albert! Where are you?! Get over here!” I figured it was an employee. Then I see another pelican waddle over. I’m thinking he’s gonna get whacked. Captain black turns to him. “Hey Albert. Get some breakfast.” I notice that Albert’s beak is broken and he can’t compete with the other hungry birds. Capt black starts petting and hand-feeding him. “Don’t tell anybody, sweetheart.” Goddamn people can be the best
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